Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Interview

It's Thursday evening
My interview was at 3pm
All I can say is 
Thank God that it's over
I spent a good two days preparing 
Researching the company
Having typical questions ready to go
I had picked out an outfit of a blue shirt, black trousers and a grey jacket that sinched in at the waist
But when I tried it on in the morning
My mum said that it made me look very thin
So I reverted back to the original black jacket which at least gave me a bit of shape
I spent yesterday morning going over all the information I had gathered
Put myself together as best as I could
But needless to say
I was very nervous
I decided not to take my mega until after the interview
As I wanted to be fully awake and alert

The weather was atrocious as we were leaving to go to the interview
My mother drove 
As my car is full of dog hair
I had to put a bigger coat on
As it was freezing 
We arrived at the interview about ten minutes before 
I made my way inside 
And sat on the couch outside the meeting room
I took my bigger coat off
I also had a small bag
So I was trying to sit myself in a position where it would be easy to grab both
And still have a hand free to shake hands with the interviewers
So I put my jacket and bag over my right arm 
But then realised that I shake with my right hand
So I moved all to my left arm
And literally perched on the edge of the seat
Ready to go

The previous applicant came out of the room
An older woman with, yes you've guessed it, a black suit
It seems you were right about the black suits Louisa
The manager popped her head out and said she would be with me shortly 
I was practically off the seat by this point 
Just wishing it was all over 
Two minutes later 
I was called in 
The manager introduced me to the two other interviewers
I couldn't tell you who they are
Or what their names are 
I didn't hear a word that was said 
I was so busy trying to sit down and not have a complete panic attack
The male interviewer started 
He told me about the position 
The pay
What's expected of an employee
He then turned to my application
'You've led a very interesting existence' he said 
I laughed a nervous chuckle 
We went through my work history
The dancing 
The pizzeria 
The bank
I also mentioned in my form about my writing
The man seemed very interested in my blog
And what, how and why it worked
I hope my passion and enthusiasm came across in what I do
One of the ladies asked me do I write under a nom de plume
Thankfully I knew what she was talking about 
Because I could easily have forgotten given the stress of the situation
They also asked what I could bring to the job
Do I work well as part of a team
Have I ever been in a crisis 
How did i deal with it 
Dealing with difficult people
Was there anything in my previous jobs 
I thought I could improve on
I had spoke to a friend who works in this area
And he really helped with 'buzz words'
I tried to speak slowly and clearly
Make good eye contact
And generally show that I am a capable and able person
Who puts 100% in to everything I do
The interviewers didn't pick up on a couple of gaps in my work history
I did allude that my blog was about health and lifestyle 
But they asked no more about that 
As the interview progressed
I did relax a little 
I hope my personality came through
And I came across well
I tried to sell myself to the best of my ability
Which does not come naturally to me
As an Irish person
We are notoriously bad at putting ourselves out there
And showing what we can do
We are taught from a young age to be humble in the regard
So it is difficult in an interview 
At times
I felt like I was repeating myself 
But some of the questions were similar
So I hope that's ok
Before I knew it
It was all over 
They asked me if I was happy with the interview
Which I was 
They also mentioned that I don't have a lot of experience in this industry
And I guess that has stuck in my mind 
I did tell them about helping my elderly neighbour 
So hopefully that will go some way to helping my case
And that was it 
I thanked them
And The manager walked me out
On my way out the door I saw the next candidate 
An older man 
I was starting to wonder if I had a chance at all
Maybe they were looking for someone more mature 
I don't know
They said they will let me know one way or another next week

I got back in to the car
And my mum and I headed to a local pub 
To meet my sister for dinner
I was still wound up after the interview
I was thinking of things that I could and should have said
Going over what I did say
Did I say enough?
Was I babbling? 
Did I make any sense at all?
I would have loved some feedback from them
But I guess I can request that after I find out if I got the job or not
I had to go through the whole thing three times
Once to mum
Then to my sister 
Then my Dad who phoned while we were at dinner
Oh I forgot to say
Mary sent me a good luck text this morning
Which was so nice of her 
Everyone around me was a brilliant support 
My family 
And you 
Who even though I have never met any of you
I felt your love and support every step of the way

So that's it
Done and dusted 
I've done all I can do 
I just have to let go of the stress and nerves
If I get it
If I don't
On to the next thing
And learn from this 
That was my first interview in years
So if nothing
It was a good experience 
Thank you for your continued support
You guys have been nothing short of amazing
I'd be lost without you


  1. sounds promising you done everything you can so try not to worry xx

    1. Yes it's out of my hands now
      So I'll let it go
      And I'll find out next week x

  2. everything crossed rubes! xx

  3. I've been waiting all day for this.

    If they didn't like you, they probably wouldn't have mentioned your lack of experience in the field. My guess is they liked you and were gauging your response, to see you if you were genuinely interested in the job. I think that's a good sign. It sounds like you did really well! <3

    1. I hope so Mich
      I really gave it my best
      My everything
      If it doesn't work out
      I have a plan B and C
      So all
      Is not lost
      I probably sound a bit defeatist
      But I need to be prepared for the possibility that this might not work out

      Mich I have three words for you
      Never forget that x

  4. Sounds like a good interview. If nothing else, it's good experience and practice for the next one.

    They would be lucky to have you and I hope they saw that.


    1. Exactly JJ
      If nothing it was good practise for the next one

      Thank you
      You are kind and sweet x

  5. Awesome ruby! It is great that you put yourself out there and gave it your best shot. You are a very brave person who inspire me. Lots of love and all the very best!

  6. Awesome ruby! It is great that you put yourself out there and gave it your best shot. You are a very brave person who inspire me. Lots of love and all the very best!

    1. Thank you Pia
      So nice of you to say

      Hope you are well x

  7. You did it, which is more than I could've done! No matter how it goes, you did it!

    1. I did CP
      And that itself is a victory x

  8. You know you're telephone interviews were absolutely brilliant. You're a genius at interviews.

    Australians are also taught culturally to tone down achievements. It's poorly regarded to be a self promoter, lest you come accross as "up yourself" or worse, "a wanker".

    Ha ha ha

    1. Yes!!
      We are so like that Shelby
      God forbid we would say something good about ourselves
      That is war crime serious in this country x


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