Saturday, 30 January 2016

New blogs?

I am always on the look out for new blogs
Fresh blood
New writers 
Different takes on ED and addiction
Of course I love and treasure all my regular readers and their blogs 
God knows you keep me going when I feel I can't
But so many gave left blogger over the last couple of years 
Friends that meant a lot to me and other bloggers
It makes me sad
I am just hoping that these bloggers left to live a rich and fulfilled life
And don't need the support of blogger anymore 
Our community has dwindled a lot recently
I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing 
And of course 
I try to read a mixture of blogs
Some who are in recovery
Some who are not 
And some who are somewhere in between 
I like to read the whole story 
From start to finish 

I'm asking you my lovely readers
Maybe you have a new blog
Maybe you know of some exciting new blogs that need a bit of help and support 
Let's welcome some new writers in to our little community 
Let's show what we are all about 
Helping each other get through the tough times 
Pulling each other up
Instead of down
I've read before that some new bloggers find it hard to become part of our community
Probably because we are so tight 
And so close 
I understand that 
When I first started writing almost four years ago
I was welcomed with open arms 
Blogger was buzzing with activity back then 
And I believe it can be like that again
We can make blogger in to that thriving, exciting place it once was
Are you with me?

We desperately need to preserve our community 
We need to make sure there is always a place for the bewildered
The suffering 
The struggling 
The disordered 
The lonely 
The scared 
Blogger has saved my life over and over again 
And I want to make sure it is around for future sufferers 
So if you have a blog
Or you know of some new blogs 
Do let me know 
And we will do our best to welcome them


  1. I hate when bloggers disappear, especially if their last posts sounded hopeless and self destructive. I remember them all even years later and keep checking their blogs to see if they've come back. I nearly sent my relatives in New Zealand to one blogger's home to check on her when she stopped posting, but thankfully she let me know she was ok. (And just so you know, I have relatives not too far from you, so if you disappear you'll have members of my family arriving at your house to make sure you're ok. We Henrys don't screw around when it comes to taking care of the ones we care about.) For those reading, I always hope no one feels too intimidated to join our community. Being a part of it has saved me over and over again. I pray that anyone who needs help and support here knows that all they have to do is reach out to us and be embraced by us.

  2. Hi, I've been blogging for just over a year, and I would love support and to incorporate myself more into the blogger community.

    1. Hi Niqi,

      Apologies for only replying now
      I wasn't well today
      Thanks for your comment
      And I will check out your blog soon

      A belated welcome to the blogosphere and keep writing!! X

  3. Hi, I've been blogging for just over a year, and I would love support and to incorporate myself more into the blogger community.

    1. yes I do! I just followed your blog and love it! I'd love to keep on reading if you continue writing!

  4. I completely understand.. Lately I just come and read, because I've found it extremely difficult to "come back" to blogger. It feels as if I'm writing to myself, into the abyss. And knowing what blogger once was and the support that I used to get here, I've found it disheartening to never see a comment, I'm not sure I've got what it takes to push through and keep writing.. Borderline is horrible for things like that, self esteem is low and everybody hates me sorts thing. It's sad really. I have been reading though and can't wait to hear about your job, whether you get it or not, you've done amazing!

  5. I've come back to blog, as of today- so your post was most timely. This is a lonely journey so I guess even if i'm only talking to myself, it may perhaps be better than talking to no one.

  6. Check out my blog :) it's very new but check it out of you have time! Tash


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