Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Horse therapy

Today was the day that I've been waiting for all week
My first session of horse therapy
As you know 
I am a huge animal lover 
Especially dogs and donkeys and horses
So I was super excited to go horse riding today
My appointment was at 1pm
So my sister and I left the house at about 11 30am
As we had to stop in town on the way 
We both did our bits and bobs 
Then went for a cuppa and a sausage roll
I always thought that I didn't like sausage rolls
But dipped in tomato sauce
It was moorish and delicious 
We finished up
And as I was heading out of the coffee shop
I ran in to a guy from the meetings and his dog
We chatted for a couple of minutes 
Before making our way back to the car 
We gave ourselves an hour to get to the stables 
Just in case we got lost
Which was very possible given our basic instructions 
In the end 
It wasn't too hard to find 
In fact you couldn't miss it
It was a huge house 
With a stables beside it
It was a beautiful bright and clear day
So the whole set up looked amazing
So green
So peaceful and tranquil 
We parked and I headed for the big barn
A pretty dark haired lady greeted me
And said she would be with me in a few minutes 
My sister and I took the opportunity to walk around
Get our bearings
And pet some of the horses
Then another girl came over to talk to us 
She was really friendly
And we were made feel so welcome
About ten minutes later 
They were ready for me 

I changed in to my wellies 
And followed the lady to the stables
She introduced me to Star the pony
Who would be my pony for the session
He was a handsome fella
White with brown patches 
Who apparently liked to bite people 
We brought Star in to the arena
My sister stayed well back as she is afraid of horses
The girls joked that they were going to put her up on the biggest, maddest horse they had
My sister nearly lost her life!
I was able to get on the horse straight away 
Which was awesome
I felt comfortable 
No fear at all
The girl led us around 
Giving me time to get used to the horse 
It felt amazing to be riding 
And soon 
We began to move quicker
And we started to trot
There is a kind of rise and fall rhythm to trotting 
At first I couldn't get in to it 
But after a few minutes 
It began to feel natural
And I didn't have to think about it 
The girls were really encouraging 
And said I was a natural
Which was lovely to hear 
We walked and trotted for the next half hour 
I felt so comfortable
So at home 
And was sad when our time was up
It flew by
And I just wanted to do more and more 
The  two girls taking the session were lovely 
So welcoming and patient  
I haven't felt such happiness for a long time 

After the session 
We had a little chat
And I asked the girls how often I should come 
The said every week is ideal
In order to continue to make progress
They also asked me if I would like to join a group
As they could leave me on my own then
I said I'd love to do that 
So made an appointment for next Wednesday morning with the group
Who are MS sufferers
And the best part was 
This only costs me €15 a session
I mean that's for nothing!!

Less words
More pictures....


  1. Only 15??? That's an amazing deal. I miss horseback riding so much.

    haha your poor sister. The biggest horses tend to be the calmest. There was one at my riding school called Piledriver who was ENORMOUS, and he was always trotting round the arena with really small children riding him. The smaller horses there were evil.

    I'm so happy you had such a good time! Hope you keep it up.

    1. I know right?
      Total bargain
      The perks of having mental health issues.....

      Can't wait to go back next week Mic
      I'm on a high all day x

    2. Mich I mean
      I hate it when people get my name wrong
      So I always try to get others correct x

  2. I grew up in the country on a little hobby farm and I had a horse. We used to ride all over and I absolutely loved it. A friend of mine had horses too so after school i would go to her house and we'd ride her horses until it got dark and had to help each other pull the heavy saddle off. I've had my share of spills and being kicked or bucked off but there's nothing like bring in an open pasture at twilight when it's about to storm and you're running full speed. Such a rush. I worked on a ranch too and he's a house I would use for checking and moving cows. Hard work but I loved that horse. Now that I moved to the other end of the state for school and live in the city I really do miss those days. I'm so glad you had fun. They really are therapeutic.

  3. That sounds amazing Eve
    My idea of heaven
    I'm really hoping this can become a new interest for me
    Something I can learn and grow and build on
    It's early days
    But I have to admit
    I am hooked!!! X

  4. I'm getting back into horse riding myself as I have a two day ride in the Victorian Hogh Country coming up in November. It's been my dream to ride the High Country for so long.
    I've done riding for the disabled and assisted with the kids and lessons at different establishments throughout the yeats.
    Horse therapy really is wonderful and you really look so at home on that horse. Star is gorgeous and it doesn't takeblong to get hooked on horse riding.
    Anne Xx

  5. I grew up with horses at home. All i can think now is thank f*** i dont have to feed, ride or pay for it everyday! Cynical or what!

    Nah all things aside, you look good on a horse. Hope it helps your confidence.

    Xxx shelby

  6. This sounds brilliant! My old MHN recommended equine therapy to me, but I don't think it's very appropriate for me at this point in time. I've never even touched a horse!

    Love the photos. Hopefully weekly sessions give you some sort of relief. If nothing else, it's got to help with forming a weekly/daily routine.



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