Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Quick question

I really want to revamp my blog
The layout
The design
I'm sick to my back teeth looking at the photo of myself on the title of my blog
I don't want anything fancy
Just clean
Easy to read
And understand 
Yet classy
This is where you come in
I am something of a technophobe
So I was wondering if you could help me restyle my blog
Can you recommend any sites to build my blog?
Where did you get your design?
Do you have any tips on designing my blog?
Any short cuts?
Any help is much appreciated
Thanking you in advance....


  1. I know nothing about such things but glad to see you "back" (ok, so it was only about 30 hrs) and I think the photo of you at the top is really lovely. Take care and hope to see you that well again one of these days.

    1. Aw thanks
      Yes, I just needed a little break today
      But normal service now resumes x

  2. I love the photo at the top, but yes I know how it feels to want to change things around. That's why I started changing mine up every season. Other than that, I like to keep it simple. And I never ever do a dark background with white text for posts--I dunno about everyone else, but that is murder on my eyes.

    Excited to see if you change things around!

    1. Me too Mich
      Now if I could just figure out how to change it
      I guess I will just play around with it
      And hopefully come up with something
      Any tips? X

    2. The seasonal changes made it much easier for me. Having a theme (winter, Christmas, summer) narrowed down the colours I choose and the background images. I picked a simple blogger template and then totally customized it. Took a while to figure out and get right, but I think I've got the hang of it.... The biggest pain is coming up with new mspaint pictures for the banner. :/

    3. I also like the seasonal change idea, might even apply it to my own blog

  3. I'm A writer, but also blog about life in general and living with Asperger's Syndrome. I got a friend of mine who works as a graphic artist to design the logos you see in my banner. It only cost me coffee and lunch.
    If you know any tech savy people that know their way around photoshop maybe a logo would be something to look into getting.
    I've changed my blog layout and background a few times since I started it in 2012, sometimes a new background makes all the difference.
    I've also been meaning to say congratulations on getting the other job and also on the horse therapy. I've done riding for the disabled in the past and thoroughly recommend it.
    Anne Xx


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