Thursday, 18 February 2016

On the mend...

Apologies for not posting as much 
Or as frequently
Or as consistently lately 
I guess it's a good thing though
As it means my real life is full and busy
And I don't have time to blog as much
This week has been busy to say the least
Three meetings 
Horse riding 
It's all good right now
I slept like a log last night
And woke up this morning
Still wrecked 
And my legs
Man my legs are in such pain today
All along the inside and outside of my thighs
I feel like a did a strenuous exercise class 
It's sore 
But it's a good feeling
And the tiredness is a good feeling too
It feels like I've been active and energetic 
And that makes a rest feel well earned 
I've been on a high since my first session horse riding yesterday
I feel dare I say it, happy..
And it feels amazing  
To find something that I love to do is huge progress for me
I've always loved animals 
And did a bit of horse riding over the years 
I feel like it's something I can really throw myself in to 
And even though it's an hour away
And a bit of an effort to get there 
It's so worth it to go
As I get so much out of it

I had my breakfast this morning
And headed out with the dogs 
When I got back
I sat down with a cup of tea 
And promptly fell asleep 
I woke up just in time to get to the local lunch time meeting 
Even though it would have been so nice to stay asleep
I know I need my meetings right now
And what a lovely meeting it was 
Food for the soul 
And peace of mind for the brain
After the meeting 
I went food shopping 
And then on to the village to see Mary
It was so great to tell her about all the good things that have happened this last couple of weeks
I could see it in her eyes
She was delighted 
Mary always says that it's funny the way things happen 
My Mum coming in to the session last week
The horse riding 
She always says that success breeds success
And she is so right 
One good thing leads to another
And so on
And so on.....
I feel like I have so much more energy now
And feel more positive 
It feels like anything is possible 
It's all there for me
I just have to reach out and grab it

Of course
Recovery is not straight forward
I still have a lot of work to do
My food has improved, yes
But the purging is proving difficult to knock on the head 
I just have to keep trying
And hopefully I will get there 
All in all
Things are heading in the right direction
And I feel like if this can all happen in one week
Then what else can happen if I continue to persue recovery?

There are a few other exciting things happening in relation to Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Which I will get to next week 
And am super excited about 
So until tomorrow my friends....


  1. This all is so wonderful, good things really do lead to other good things :)

    1. It's so true Tali
      And it's happening for me
      God knows I needed a kick up
      The.... X


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