Friday, 25 March 2016


My Mum and I are away this weekend 
Not too far though
We are staying with my uncle who lives about 90 minutes north
I am still struggling with my bloggers block
My struggle seems somehow insignificant at the moment 
And I am tired talking and writing about myself 
I'm sure this will pass
It's just a phase 
Sometimes I am blogging enthusiastically every day
Other times it's good to be silent
And right now
I feel like I have nothing of any importance to say or write 
Please bear with me 
I will be back
I promise you that 


  1. I hope you aren't getting down on yourself for not blogging as much <3 You're right sometimes silence is good, and maybe being away will help clear your mind and the bloggers block (love this phrase by the way) will pass.

  2. Hope you have fine while you're away this weekend. :) I go through blogging seasons too.

  3. Have a lovely time away with your mum! X

    1. I will Annie
      We just went out for dinner
      And now relaxing at home x

  4. I hope you have a good weekend away. I'm cooking and baking all weekend to prep for Easter, I'm exhausted already. Hope the time away gives you some time away from the ED thoughts. <3

    1. Enjoy your baking Mich
      I am having a nice weekend away
      Very relaxing
      And going horse riding today
      So excited to do that

      Hope you are doing ok x


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