Monday, 14 March 2016

Bad News

I've been worried the last couple of days
That my piercing was becoming infected 
It looks quite raw
Although it is not sore
And I have to admit 
I have purged a few times in the last couple of days 
So I don't know if that has contributed 
I saw my doctor this morning
Nice Woman Doctor
She brought it to my attention that it could in fact be infected
She asked if I am allergic to penicillin 
As that would be the best medication for it
But I am in fact allergic 
So I had to get a less effective one
She also told me to soak it in a salt water solution 
And to take progress photos over the next week
To see if it's getting better or worse
You guys 
I am so disappointed 
So disappointed that I purged 
That I let this happen 
I thought I was doing everything right
And I was at first 
As ever 
My ED got the better of me
And now I have an infected lip piercing 
The doctor said that if it hadn't improved in a few days 
The bar will need to come out
I am just going to be so diligent over the next week
And hope that I have caught it in time 
No purging 
Got that Ruby?
No. Purging.

So I wanted to ask any of you lovely ladies who have piercings 
Have you ever had an infection from one?
How did you deal with it?
Did you have to take the piercing out?
Did it heal? 

I really don't want to have to take the bar out 
It was an expensive and painful procedure 
And it would be a shame to have to let it close up and heal 
God dammit
I know this is my own stupid fault 
Maybe the purging had nothing to do with it
But I suspect it has
I am just so annoyed at myself 
That is all 


  1. i have had a belly piercing. it repeatedly got infected. i just didn't take well to it. i changed to titanium and it helped for a while
    but it just kept getting disgusting and i had to take it out after about 8 months of trying. by which time it was scarred and not nice. x shelby

    1. Did you tAke it out for good Shelby?
      I'm just so disappointed in myself that I let this happen
      Although it already looks a little better today
      I am obsessively cleaning it
      But up until today
      I was doing it wrong
      My doctor told me I need to soak my mouth in salt and water
      Not just dab it with a cotton bud
      I am hopeful it wil heal
      As I caught it in good time x

  2. I had an ear stretching getting infected. I cleaned it twice a day with antibacterial wash, both the hole and the bar, and made sure that I didn't fiddle with it (I am a notorious earlobe fiddler). Now it's fine again, but I do heal rather well. Mouth piercings ARE difficult.

    1. They are CP
      Especially with bulimic tendencies
      I just need to be so careful now
      And purging is just out of the question
      I hope I can save it! X

  3. I'm sorry hun. I hope you can get the purging under control, but if you can't over the next couple days, I would take the bar out. I've seen up close what can happen if that kind of infection gets worse.

    You stopped purging for a week. You can do it again. And if you have to take the bar out, then you have an even bigger reason to stop purging--so you can reward yourself with a lip ring you won't have to take out. <3

    1. I hope so too Mich
      It already looks better
      No as much pus and gunk
      It's just a pain in the ass
      I hope it doesn't have to come out
      But if it does, it does
      I'm just trying to keep it clean and sterile xxx

  4. I can't remember which piercing it was, but one of mine got infected and the absolute best thing for it was tea tree oil.
    I seriously swear by it, a couple of drops on a cotton bud and wipe it around the piercing, it works a treat and heals up in no time. Love ya xxxxx

    1. Thanks Annie
      Great tip!

      Hope you are doing ok? X

    2. No problemo!

      I got myself a piercing this week too. Gosh I love them...addicted to them! X

    3. Ha!
      I can relate so much
      I tried the tea tree and it seemed to help
      Thank you! X

    4. Yay, stick with it and it should heal in no time <3

    5. why i don't get it? i can't even imagine having that piercing with bulimia although i suspect I'm much worse than you, no offence i am in your shoes jj x

  5. My nose one got infected, which was pretty gross looking and horrible! It went away after a few days after I cleaned it with salt water, but was a recurring thing for about 3 months until it healed.

    Also it's just a thing that happens, don't be so hard on yourself.


    1. Hey Agnes,

      It's much better today
      Thank God

      Good to hear from you
      How are you doing? X

  6. hope you feeling better today? xx jo

    1. I am Jo thanks
      The piercing looks better today
      So I'm hoping I caught it in time
      Really don't want to have to take it out
      You know?

      Hope you are well
      Need to catch up on all your news x

  7. I've had so many piercings and they've all gotten infected or upset at some point but km pretty stubborn and so I keep them and ride it out. Sea salt souls are most important. My piercer swears by this and it really does work. You need to do it a few times a day, especially because you eat near that. Also, don't touch it. Don't push on it. Don't mess with it at all. Use the warm water sea salt soak and leave it be. Sometimes they take time but I don't give up because I sorry money and it hurts to do it again lol. Also, stop purging. That's obvious hut there's so much bacteria in your mouth and the acid of your stomach is harsh. Good luck. Hang in there with it

  8. Oh no! It sounds like you've caught it early, hopefully.

    Antibiotics and saline rinses usually do the trick. Don't touch it, as irritating or itchy as it may get. If it gets worse, maybe go back to your piercer and ask her opinion (doctors can be a tad biased towards taking them out, I've found).

    The only piercings I've had to take out due to infection were the surface piercings on my hips, because they were constantly banging and catching on things.



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