Saturday, 12 March 2016


ELast night
I went in to the city 
To attend the annual AA convention
It was my first ever convention
So I was both terrified and thrilled to be a part of it
I went with two of the ladies from the lunch time meetings
We all met up at 6pm
And arrived at the hotel it was being held at about 6 30pm
All day yesterday 
I was a ball of anxiety 
And came very close to cancelling on several occasions 
But I really wanted to go
And I felt comfortable with the two ladies
I knew they would look out for me
We were some of the first to arrive
We registered 
And headed in to our first meeting of the evening

I guess before I go any further 
I should explain what an AA convention
It's like any other convention
Only its for alcoholics
The theme this year was 'Happy, joyous and free'
There are meetings on the hour
Every hour 
It's also a social event 
A chance to meet knew people
And have a good night
In this country 
Al lot of socialisation is done in the pub
So it can be difficult to meet people in other situations
I really enjoyed the convention
The people were friendly 
The craic was mighty
And the meetings were so powerful
All in all 
It was a great night
And in so glad that I went 
That I battled my anxiety and won
I arrived home at about 1am
My sister and my mum waited up for me 
And I told them all about it 

It has taken me almost two hours to write this short post 
As I keep falling asleep 
Or writing something that makes no sense
I just wanted to share with you about the convention
As it was a big deal for me
I'm off for a little power nap
See you on the next post....


  1. I'm so glad you overcame your anxiety and went! That's wonderful <3 Rest lots today :)

  2. I am so tired today Niqi
    I'm in my pyjamas already and it is only 4 pm
    It was worth it though
    Like fuel in the tank recovery wise x

  3. I've heard about AA conventions but had no idea what really went on at one. It sounds really fun. I think I would love it for the camaraderie. There's just something amazing about the way that addicts are able to support each other.

    Hope you rest well. :)

  4. olanzapine is exhausting you, not life, try not having it you will be amazed. love that you are getting on so well ellie xx

    1. It does wipe me out Ellie
      That is the next thing to tackle x

  5. Here's a bit of a funny story for you. Many years ago my husband and I went away for a romantic weekend. Little did we know that there was an NA convention scheduled for the same dates.

    It was torture for us as people were up all hours of the night having fun and running the halls. We were looking for a little quiet time and there was nothing quiet about that convention.

    I am glad you forced yourself to go this weekend. Good for you girlie.

    1. Ha!!!!
      Love it!!
      That's hilarious JJ
      I just read this out to my mum and we had a good laugh!
      I believe it though
      A gang of recovering addicts are nearly worse than using addicts

      So glad I went JJ
      It did me the power of good x

  6. I like the idea, of AA conventions. As you say, a lot of socializing goes on in pubs and then it is bloody well expected of you to drink.

    1. Exactly
      Although I do need to practise socialising a lot more
      In a bit rusty x

  7. i agree 100% with the above commenter about yhe olanzapine. however o think you should cut it out after you've killed the purging off 90%. xxx shelby


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