Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Eating and Living: Recipes for recovery

A few months ago
I was contacted by a lady called Francesca Baker
Francesca was putting a book together
A recipe book for eating disorder recovery by those who have been there
I was asked to contribute a recipe
Which I did 
And a little blurb to go along side it
I decided to pick chicken chasseur
As it was something I began to eat during the first year of recover
And my little story was about how my sister had come home from Australia and was teaching me how to cook
The book is now for sale on Amazon
And I got my copy last week
It is beautifully put together
And I am so delighted to have been part of it


  1. how lovely what a good idea will def get a copy x jo

    1. It's a great book Jo
      It costs me £10 on Amazon
      You probably can't see my page very well
      But there are some lovely recipes in there x

  2. Wow! That's ace! How is it for veggie options? I suck at cooking for myself so I might get it :)


  3. "Safe" foods can be a huge help in recovery. And not "safe" foods as in what we allowed ourselves to eat in the midst of the ED, but safe, "normal" foods we can eat during recovery that don't drag our minds straight back to the ED.

    Know your weaknesses and know your limits. I know that I cannot be trusted with certain foods (like cereal, and ice cream), so I don't keep them in the house. But I do love cooking and baking, so I threw myself into both, and I have since perfected several recipes that are both healthy and "safe." Cooking is a great distraction if you really get into it. To the ED, food is the ultimate enemy. But if you really put an effort into studying food and perfecting your favourite recipes, that knock the ED right out of your head.


  4. What a cool idea! Definitely having a look into it.


  5. I love this idea!! I'm definitely going to see if I can buy this. I was actually toying with the idea of a collaborative cook book/story book amongst ED sufferers. I have a small list of "safe" recipes, but I'm looking to start incorporating some new things. I'm getting tired of the same thing over and over again and I think the lack of variety is starting to turn my mind toward binges....which is scary.


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