Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Horse Riding

After a long hard winter
We finally saw a little bit of spring this week
Which makes life a little easier
It's not so hard to get up in the morning
It's not so cold
People seem to be in better form
Weather is something that is discussed to death in this country
We love to get a sunny day
So we can talk at length about the great stretch on the evenings
But we also love to give out about the weather almost as much as we like talking about the good

As you know
I now go horse riding every Wednesday 
Which I look forward to all week
The equine centre is about an hours drive
And yes
I always bring someone with me
Today that someone was my mum
I dont mind the journey 
Heck I used to travel the length and breadth of the country to get drugs
So an hours drive for something I love, is no trouble at all
The session was great
As always
I am now in a group with two men
Who have been attending the centre for the past three years
One of them canters and everything!
I asked if I could canter too
Not yet 
As ever 
I am eager to go galloping around the arena 
But I am learning that patience is a virtue
And I have to remind myself that these people have been horse riding for years
I have been riding for all of five weeks
Pace yourself Ruby

My Mum
The budding photographer 
Took some photos from the judges box
Here they are...


  1. Oh, I want to go horse riding! It's one of my goals, to get thin enough so I can get up on a horse back again.

    1. CP there is something so special about horses
      They are graceful and beautiful
      And so gentle for such a big animal
      I truly hope you get to tide again
      It's good for the soul x

  2. Awwwww Ruby look at you go! These photos are enough to make my heart melt! I can't wait to hear about how you progress in your equestrian skills! Have fun! Xxx

    1. Thanks Annie
      I'm loving it soooo much
      It's the highlight of my week
      Star is my bestie now
      He is 17 and still going strong!!
      I will of course keep you updated

      Hope you're doing ok my dear x

  3. The last pic is my favorite.

    Stay strong.

    1. He he
      That's Dusty the miniature horse
      I love him! X

  4. That looks like so much fun :D I have to say, I am not a propponent of most equestrian sports (as they often involve things like killing a racing horse after it breaks its legs due to being pushed over its limits... it's so unfair)but I absolutely love this! Horses have so much to give to us humans, and they all look very well-kept and comfortable.

    And you look absolutely lovely and happy in that last picture, I adore the piercing as well :)

    1. My mum and I were just talking about this yesterday
      The cruelty in some sports
      And the Cheltenhem races are on now
      And I heard this morning one of the horses had to be put down after a fall and breaking its leg
      It's not right
      But I am a huge fan of gentle sports
      Like horse therapy
      That are good for both human and horse
      Star is amazing
      Although he does have a mind of his own
      Which I like x


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