Thursday, 17 March 2016

St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you lovely readers!
Gosh this day brings back memories
Mostly bad ones 
Growing up
Paddys day was an excuse to get absolutely blotto
And inevitably there would be a massive family row
More often than not 
My Mum and I would move out for the weekend 
And go to my sisters or a friend 
Just to get away
Then came the drug years 
When St. Patrick's Day was just another day in the daily grind of addiction
I can remember one quite well
Dublin was heaving with people 
And I was wandering around 
Trying to get money together
And generally feeling very sorry for myself 
I can remember looking at all the people 
Enjoying the parade
I remember seeing a guy that I had been in treatment with 
He had a little girl on his shoulders 
She looked like she was having such great fun
I didn't go over to them 
I was in quite a state
And didn't want to involve them in my sorry situation 
I can't remember what else happened that day
I must have got drugs at some stage
As the rest of the day is a blur 

These days 
I tend to avoid town on this day
As it is still an excuse to drink until you can't stand up anymore 
So today 
My Mam, Honey and Lea and I 
Will be curling up in the couch 
With hot cups of tea
And a box of sweets 

Whatever you are up to today 
If you are celebrating 
Or isolating 
I wish you a very happy St. Patrick's day 
To you and yours 
I am sporting green trousers in an effort to get in to the spirit of the occasion     
And yes 
I have gained weight....


  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you my lovely Irish friend! I'm sporting my new 'Ireland' hat which arrived in the post from a reader yesterday! I'm so thrilled to hear that you've gained weight, keep at it! XXX

    1. Just saw your hat Annie
      I love it!!!
      You can really rock a hat!

      Hope you are doing better Hun
      You seem a bit brighter in yourself x

    2. Ooh yes I am partial to a hat!!

      I managed to leave the unit with a member of staff and go for a short stroll to the park just across the road from here. It felt like such a huge achievement!

      Loads of love xxx

    3. Oh wow Annie!
      That is huge!
      I am so very proud of you
      I knew you seemed in better form
      As Mary always says to me
      Success breeds success
      And positivity is contagious
      I promise you Annie
      Life is so much better without an ED
      It's a life beyond your wildest dreams
      It's there for us both
      We just have to reach out and grab it x

    4. Partners in crime, we're reaching out together to grab it! Xxx

    5. Absolutely!!
      You are never alone
      Friends and partners in crime always x

  2. You look beautiful Ruby! I'm sporting a green t-shirt for today....but I'm also planning to avoid any major celebration areas in town. *sigh*

    1. Thanks SW
      I'm the same
      I'm basically in hibernation until tomorrow
      I will bring the dogs for a walk in the morning
      And see the devastation from the night before x

  3. happy St Paddy's day, love.

    i wasn't in uni. i was in the hospital today but they've sold cupcakes and whatnot in my uni and made a big massive deal out of it as usual. can you blame them though??

    dropping a small smile towards your way and letting you know that i'm thinking of you.

    also, i really am so glad you've put on a bit. you don't look well (i hope this is not triggering. i am merely saying this out of concern and being as truthful as i can be) and it pains me to know you've been struggling. keep at it, love, there's a light at the end of the road xxx

    -Sam Lupin

    1. Thanks Sam
      You could never offend me
      You are too sweet and kind
      And I appreciate your honesty
      As I know it's not easy to be
      So thank you
      And I really hope you are doing ok my lovely x

  4. you have come so far enjoy a quiet lovely evening i think its prob what everyone secretly enjoys more anyway! jo xx

    1. I know I do Jo
      It's been a quiet day here
      Away from all the madness of the town
      So glad not to be in the midst of that anymore x

  5. Sounds like you guys had a nice day.

    I'm glad you've put on some weight, but you look like you still have a ways to go. :/ Like Sam said, I'd never want to upset you, but you still do not look well. Hope you can stay on the path of getting healthy. <3

    1. Don't worry
      You could never upset me
      I know that it comes from a place of love and concern
      And I appreciate the honesty from you and all the girls here
      I guess I don't see it
      As I think I look a normal healthy weight
      I've stopped weighing though
      It's nothing but a mind f*#k x

  6. Happy St Paddy's! Man, I really need to get out to a pub one of these years, just to experience it. It's pretty big over here, but only really revolves around pubs and drinking (is there any more to it?!). Oh, and the whole wearing green thing.

    You're looking lovely, Rubes. I really like the green/white/black combination on you.


    1. Hi bells.

      Hope u get this. I can't post on your blog right now away from home with work share computer anon only. St patricks day is mainly a celebration of Christianity arriving in Ireland specifically catholicism. Lent is lifted for the day hence the merry making. There is usually a parade and you might go to mass too. X shelby

    2. Thanks Shelby :) Good thing I'm usually on the ball with follow-up comments, hey?



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