Sunday, 6 March 2016

Day 3

Today is my third day purge free
I know it doesn't sound like a lot
And millions of people around the world manage to go their whole lives without purging
But to me 
This is huge
I haven't gone a a whole day without purging in years
I shit you not
They say a million mile long journey starts with a single step
And often that first step is the most difficult
I knew that if I went ahead with this piercing 
Then purging was just out of the question
I looked after my nose ring very carefully 
And managed not to let it get infected 
I'm sure oral piercings are more likely to infect 
And I'm sure rinsing it in stomach acid and regurgitated food is not very good for it
I've had to change my eating habits 
No binge food 
Which is a shame on one hand 
But a relief on the other 
My portions are smaller 
And to begin with
I am avoiding very filling foods like pasta and rice and potatoes
Hopefully i can introduce those foods at a later stage 
Today for example 
Is Mother's Day
So we are cooking at mums request
She opted for beef stir fry
So I will have a small portion of that 
I can't lie 
Over the last few days 
There have been times when I found myself heading to the bathroom
Out of pure habit
I've had to really be aware 
And physically stop myself from purging 
I miss the relief I get from purging 
The empty feeling 
I swear I feel full all day now
But I'm sure I'll get used to it

I'm loving my new piercing 
And loving people's reactions to it
I went to mass this morning with my Mum and my neighbour 
I got more than a couple of funny looks 
But that's ok
It's funny to me

Below are some close up photos 
So you can see it better 
In the first one the bar looks crooked 
But it's actually the way I'm holding my mouth 
Not the bar
What do you think???


  1. OMGOSH, 3 days is absolutely fantastic, I can't even imagine it!! You're so incredible, I don't even have the words to describe how amazing you are. I want to be like you one day. You're just so incredible! KEEP GOING! XXX

    1. Aw thanks Annie
      I think I am more stubborn than incredible
      But it just goes to show
      When we put our mind to something
      We can do it

      How are you doing?
      Hope you're coping ok
      Always here
      And always with you x

    2. I'll email you because I'm not brave enough to post publicly. XXxxxxxxxx

  2. Looking great Ruby!more than anything, im really happy about the purge free days. You go girl!
    Lots of love

  3. Looking great Ruby!more than anything, im really happy about the purge free days. You go girl!
    Lots of love

  4. Isn't it strange how snooty people can be about how others decorate themselves?

    Three days purge-free is AMAZING! Isn't it funny the little reasons we find to take care of ourselves? There is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yes Tempest
      I never thought this would be the reason why I stopped purging
      But what ever works right? X

  5. Looking good! One f these days, I hope I work up the balls to get the industrial done in my ear....

    1. Every day purge free is a HUGE victory. If you did it three days, you can do another three days. And another three after that. And if you can conquer those days (I'm certain that you can), you can conquer all of the days ahead. Before long, you'll think of purging as a distant nightmare and nothing more. You've had it in you to fight it this whole time; you just needed the right nudge to take that first step. Now you've taken more than a few steps.

      Feel full. Allow yourself that. Allow yourself to feel bloated after a good meal. (My friends and I call that "the itis".) Eventually you'll realize that most of the time you don't feel too full, just content and no longer hungry. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  6. Wow wow wow, congrats Ruby! Hush with your "I know it doesn't sound like a lot" - anyone who's been reading your blog for a significant length of time will realize what a massive achievement that is!

    Your piercing looks great. I've always loved vertical labrets. Just be careful of your precious pearly whites!


  7. well done. long may your no-purging continue! shelby.x

  8. just briefly scanned, but will be catching up proper on all my Blogs; in the Meantime, congrats on the new job, [I'd Prayed BIG-Time for ya, btw], going bk to mtgs & 3-whole-days purge-free !?! : O + :D Feeling so full is the abso worstest, but it honestly Does get better QD.
    Keep up the GREAT wk, Hon-!!
    ; )
    <3 & ((Huggles)); Jils

    1. hi jils haven't seen you around in a while!! shelby

    2. d'aww…… cheers, 'nice one'-! ; ) Reckon I've bin hvg a bit of midlife crisis : S Soo hope you re-upstart Blogging; you've a GRT flair for writing !!
      <3 + ((HUGS)), Jils

  9. I'm a little late to this party because I haven't been on blogger the last few days but damn girl! it suits you perfectly. I absolutely love it! I think the way it's sitting has to do with the swelling. Was the pain killer? That's some lick skin to piercing through! Eeeek love love love it! I had to look a few times. Also, I've shown up to church with my septum and all that. i enjoy the gawking. I always think, listen here, Jesus still loves my bad self. :P


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