Saturday, 5 March 2016


It's day one with my new piercing
I am carefully
Almost obsessively looking after it
I bought alcohol free mouth wash
To rinse my mouth twice a day
And also ear buds 
To clean it with salt and water
I am terrified of it getting infected 
So am being super duper careful
I've heard a couple of horror stories
About people who continued to purge after getting an oral piercing 
And went on to develop painful and unsightly infections
I am determined not to let that happen 
And haven't purged since Thursday
It's actually a really good motivator not to purge
So I have stopped bingeing 
And stopped eating anything that I usually purge
I am being careful and considered with my portions 
And stopping eating before I get uncomfortably full
Eating little and often 
And distracting myself after eating 

I'm glad I got the piercing done 
And am going to use it as a symbol
Of my stopping purging
I don't usually count my clean and sober time 
But having seen the benefits of counting my smoke free time 
Marking the first week
First month
First year 
I have started to count my clean time
Since Valentine's Day
It's good because the longer time you get 
The more you don't want to go back
So now I'm going count my purge free time 
Starting 3rd of March
The day before yesterday
Like a lot of things in my life 
Once I wrap my head around something 
I generally can do it 
I did it with cigarettes 
So why not purging?
It's just out of the question at the moment 
And that is a minor revelation

Reactions to my piercing have been varied 
My Mum is horrified
My nephew barely acknowledged it
I've had a couple of double takes from strangers this morning
I live in a small rural area
And there are not many tattoos or piercings to be seen generally
So yes 
I have the only pierced lip in the village 

The girl who pierced me was great
When I got my nose pierced 
The girl who did was just a little bit unhinged 
She spoke at a rapid rate
And told my sister and I some pretty personal stuff 
How ever 
She did a good job 
And that's the main thing
Lorraine was very professional
Answered all my questions 
I watched her prepare her tools 
She was very careful
And it seemed like she was very used to doing this 
Well I would hope so
It is her job after all
My sister and I chatted to her for a few minutes 
She said that piercings follow trends 
Just like any other item of fashion
She told us that intimate piercings are popular at the moment 
That she had done two the previous day
I had to ask her what exactly gets pierced down there 
'The hood' she replied matter of factly
That is going just a little bit too far for me
I draw the line at a nipple 

Once you get one done though 
It kind of makes you want more 
I can see how that would be the same with tattoos too
I would love to get my tongue done 
And my belly button 
And a few in my ear
I've wanted to get some piercings done ever since I was a teenager
Life intervened 
And I never got around to it
So now 
At the grand ol' age of 34
I am reliving my lost youth
Better late than never I guess
And the pain 
I was pretty much prepared for the pain 
Having had my nose done last year 
I figured my lip would be much more painful and bloody 
I sat on my hands so I wouldn't be able to pull her hands off me
Like I did last time 
I can't lie 
It was bloody sore 
And I did bleed 
And I did swell up
It looked liked I had been punched in the face 
I was actually shaking when it was over 
She asked me if I wanted to lie down for a few minutes
But I said I was ok

All in all 
I really enjoyed getting it done 
And grateful that my sister was with me 
It's exciting and fun to play around with my appearance 
Experimenting I guess
It's doing things that most people do in their teens and early twenties  
I'm enjoying it 
So why bloody not!

With all that said 
I was wondering about you 
What piercings do you have ?
How painful did you find it?
Are there any other ones you'd like to get?
Inquiring minds want to know....


  1. I have one set in my ear lobes, done on my 21st birthday. Never been tempted to get any more done - defs nothing on my face, and I can't see for the life of me why anyone would want to pierce their belly button. When you have a baby it just stretches and its gross!

    Louisa xxx

    1. My ears have been pierced since I was a teenager
      Three on one
      And two on the other
      It's only recently that I became interested in facial piercing x

  2. is it not painful just eating?

    1. No not at all
      But drinking is a bit tricky! X

  3. hi ruby i have cartalidge and ear pircings not pretty enough to do anything on my face prefer to draw attention away from it!!, how long ago did you get your nose done and did you get used to it soon? Ellie

    1. Hey Ellie,

      I got my nose done last August
      And I love it!
      It's since then that I wanted to get another one done
      It's addictive! X

  4. That's great you've already gone a few days purge-free!! That is no small feat m'lady.

    1. I am so determined Mich
      Not to purge
      I feel horribly bloated today
      But I will ride it out
      I just have to x

  5. not many just ear don't want to draw attention to myself use my hair as a cover up and hate being sore. my ear got infected that was bad enough, you are brave

  6. i thought you liked your last piercer? but might just be confused ,it looks good on you, glad you taking care with it xx

    1. Oh no
      Don't get me wrong
      I did like the last piercer a lot
      And she did a great job on my nose
      I just felt she was a bit unstable
      I didn't mean to speak/write badly about her
      She was lovely x

  7. I am super excited for you that you have stopped purging for long enough to start counting! :-) Hooray! One day at a time X

  8. I like this post. Especially the parts where you identify specific things that will help you stop.

    I had one piercing in each ear for a while, but I took them out for a job interview and never bothered to put them back in.

    I have a few tattoos. They hurt a lot more than getting my ears pierced did. The tat on my upper back hurt the most; the other ones are on my arms.

    1. Exactly how painful are we talking here?
      Like on a scale from one to ten?
      I would say my lip was a six
      And my nose was a five x

  9. Have you squirted your drinks through it yet? I had a friend in high school who did that by accident all the time, it was hilarious.

    1. Ha that's brilliant!
      I haven't done that yet
      But I gave dribbled my tea quite a bit
      I'm off to try that right now..... X

  10. It's good to hear you've got a solid cleaning routine set. I was a bit worried when you first decided on a labret. I can't wait to see a pic!


    1. I know Bella
      I had to really think about it
      So far so good
      Pics up on my latest post x

  11. I have three piercings in each earlobe. I had a tragus done many years back, but they made me take it out during nursing clinicals, and eventually I let it close because the trauma of jewelry in and out all the time (or bumping retainers with my stethoscope) was making it constantly painful. I got an upper cartilage piercing to celebrate getting into nursing school, which they promptly made me take out. My main ear piercings are stretched to 6 gauge.

    My only other current piercing is my nose, like you have. I had my eyebrow done at 14 (which, with my purple hair, inspired people to Tell Me About Jesus or assume I was a thug) and it lasted a few years. I had my belly button done, but on bottom, I think somewhere around 20, but I damaged it too much with poor fitting clothes (weight cycling is never fun) and eventually gave up and took it out. I have a fair bit of scarring from it, but nothing that would grab a stranger's eye, just my own.

    I've seriously contemplated getting my nipples done lately, as I've heard a lot of women talk about how it helped them feel positive about their breasts. I need SOMETHING to be positive about, as they are well trashed from my weight changes. The only reason I have is that I have a montgomery gland that would probably interfere with horizontal bars, and I don't want diagonals or to only get one done.

  12. I have my nose and two holes in each ear done. I really want to get a third in my lobes, my tragus and cartilage done in my ears as well , but we shall see. I need to stop spending all my money on binge/purge food first!


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