Friday, 4 March 2016

New piercing

I've had a tough couple of days
Yesterday I felt extremely angry
Which is unusual for me
I had a go at everyone
And was provoking my family to have a fight with me
Then I got really emotional and teary
My Mum and my sister were really concerned and thought something had happened 
But there we nothing wrong
At least nothing I could identify
I just felt so out of control
It was really scary
Especially not being able to attribute it to anything
But this morning
It all became clear
I got my period 
I was having PMP
Pre menstrual psychosis 
My Mum and sister said that I was being really irrational yesterday
Paranoid even 
It was horrible 

Today I was super excited 
As today was the day that I got my new piercing 
My sister and I travelled to the studio
Which is about half an hour from my house 
I was a little bit nervous 
Anticipating the pain
I figured it would be more painful than my nose
So I was trying to prepare myself 
There was a new piercer in the shop
Her name was Lorraine 
And she was lovely 
Very professional
But with a lovely way about her 
We chatted about my options 
And decided on a vertical bar through my lip
Lorraine prepared her tools 
And I sat on my hands 
So I wouldn't yank her hands away if it got too painful
It was all over very quickly 
But yes 
It was bloody sore 
I bled quite a bit too
And my lip swelled up nicely 
I looked in the mirror
And I have to admit 
It was a bit of a shock 
I wasn't expecting it to be so visible 
I thought the bar would be smaller 
But I do like 
My Mum and Dad are going to have a fit when they see it!

As I write this 
We are in the car on the way back
I keep checking my piercing 
Dabbing the blood away
I'll have to look after it carefully
And purging is out of the question altogether 

Enough with the words 
Here are the photos....


  1. My family and friends call that my "dragon day." It doesn't happen that much anymore, but once in a while I can turn into a serial killer right before the monthlies start...

    As far as not purging, I think the piercing was a great idea. A serious reason not to purge. There was a girl at my uni who we never knew had an ED until she got her lip pierced. I won't give the gory details, but it was horrible. A few months later the scar looked like a crater where half her lip used to be. :(

    I hope you enjoy a day of puffy lips. I've been tempted to get lip injections for years, but I'm way too squeamish to actually do it, so if something naturally makes them swollen and puffy, I feel fabulous. That's probably weird, but whatever ^_^


    1. I never used to get any symptoms at all Mich
      Physical or mental
      But Recently I've been like an antichrist around that time
      Do you know of anything that helps?
      My sister says her meds help a lot
      So id be willing to take something

      Just realised
      There wasn't a clear shot of the piercing in the photos I posted
      I will try and get some better ones

      I am obsessively cleaning it and disinfecting it
      And yes
      Purging is out of the question x

    2. There was no rhyme or reason to my dragon days as far as I could tell. The only thing that ever cured all my horrible monthly ailments was going on the pill. I did have "emergency" xanax from my doctor and that usually helped, but the laws have changed here and now my regular doc can't give me xanax anymore. >:(

      I was talking to my old college roommate earlier today and the subject of our ed's came up. She was really struggling to get the purging under control when we lived together, like she was at the point where her doctors basically told her she was going to die within the year if she didn't stop. She managed to stop for a while, but then relapsed really bad a few years later. She said what saved her was google--she did a google image search for "necrosis" every time she felt the strong need to purge, and it stopped her in her tracks. (It's not a pleasant image search, but she was at the point where her stomach was going to look like that sooner rather than later if she didn't stop.) Might be something to try when you're struggling?

      For me at least, when I reach a certain point that the easier solutions simply don't work, I need to stare the hard hideous truths in the face and fight them back just as hard.

      Hope you're having a good weekend, luv.

  2. Love it!! It looks great on you. :)

    1. Thank you my lovely
      I love it too!

      Good to hear from you
      Hope you are well x

    2. I am doing well! :) :) :) It's good to be back in the blog world, catching up with everyone. I missed reading your updates.

  3. that looks so painful! do you still have your nose ring~/ which was worse? ellie

    1. sorry if you don't mind me asking

    2. No I don't mind at all Ellie
      It was painful
      Probably more so than my nose ring
      You can't really see it in these photos
      But I still have my nose ring
      I think I will take a break from piercings now
      I don't think my family can take another one! X

    3. i find ears bad enough !

    4. I had prepared myself for the fact that it would be pretty damn painful
      And funnily
      I dealt with this pain better than my nose ring
      I tried to pull her hands off me during that one! X

  4. One thing I can say I definitely do not miss; periods. Get yourself curled up with a cuppa and a warm blanket ASAP!

    Love vertical labrets! It really suits you. Mine's kind of an inverse version, with the lower ball on the inside. You'll be able to change to a more subtle bar soon once it's healed up a bit. You need big jewelry to accommodate swelling at first.

    Please do be cautious with purging while it heals (as pointless as it may be to say). Keep a bottle of mouthwash handy, even just for food/drinks/I'd say smoking but you're a non-smoker now!

    Lots of love <3

    1. Oh Bella
      I swear
      Since I got mine back a few months ago
      They have been pretty severe
      I really was like a demon yesterday!
      My sister now puts my period start date in her calendar
      So she can be prepared.....

      Yes, i can't wait to play around with jewellery
      The piercer was brilliant
      The last one I went to was just a bit too unstable for my liking
      I have no problem with someone being unstable
      But I do want my piercer to be somewhat together

      No purging so far today
      I've been close
      But then I think about how horrific it would be if it got infected
      And that wins every time

      Love to you Bells x

  5. I'm ovulating any day now and feel like I'm demon possessed. Then I have terrible PMS and the same on my period. That's like three weeks out of four... Oh, the joys of womanhood!

    I LOVE that piercing! The bar has to be long in case of swelling, I think. Oh, I do want a new piercing... If I can convince the boyfriend (he has to kiss this mouth, you know :D).

    1. I know CP
      It's a curse!

      My mum just came home and saw it and is disgusted!
      I find that really funny!
      I'm like a rebellious teenager! X


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