Saturday, 26 March 2016


Today my uncle, my Mum and I
All headed out to my uncles friends house
He is a former dentist
And him and his wife keep horses
I wasn't able to ride on this occasion
But I was still super excited to see their place
The house was about ten minutes outside of the town
A beautiful stone affair
And I could see the stables to the right of the house
We rang the bell
The door was one of those half barn doors 
Too cute
The man answered and ushered us in to a beautiful old fashioned country kitchen
Where a little dog called Eddy greeted us very enthusiastically 
We were introduced to his wife who was having her lunch 
And then went out the back door
And up to the stables 
They have six horses
And what majestic creatures
These were huge animals 
My little Star looks positively small beside them 
We were shown around 
The stables 
The horse solarium
The horse spa 
The horse exerciser
Oh yes 
These people are hard core horsey folk
It was all fascinating 
I could have stayed there all day
After looking around 
We retired back to the kitchen for tea and cake 
Before we hit the road again
Truly though
I fell in love with the place
That is my dream
To live surrounded by animals
To work with them
Play with them
Just to be around them
Would be my idea of heaven

Enough words
On to the photos......


  1. what a perfect day! when i go see my friend she has lambs chickens dogs cows… i go home and stop obsessing about the dirt, for a couple of hours anyway, totally happy there jo xx

    1. Jo today was like getting a glimpse of what my life could be like
      If I leave my ED and addiction behind
      That's the life I want
      I would choose it over my ED any day of the week x

  2. Replies
    1. It truly was Annie
      A little slice of heaven x

  3. I'm glad you had a good time :)

    Remember these dreams of yours--the country house and the donkeys and horses and house full of dogs. And remember that you will never ever have them while the ED had you in its grip.

    There is a life ahead for you--the life you dream about. You can and will have it, but you have to fight for it. I think this weekend away was a good glimpse into to this life that you can have, a sort of burst of inspiration if you'll let it be that. Keep fighting and this weekend doesn't have to be a slice of heaven, it could be your every day existence.

    Remember that the next time you want to step on the scale, the next time you feel the need to measure yourself in a number. The numbers are bullshit. The house in the country is real. You can only choose one. <3

    Happy Easter my love. I'll text you tomorrow to wish you a proper happy Easter, with photos of all the crap we're eating ^_^

    1. Happy Easter to you too my dear
      Can't wait to see your photos!!

      Thank you for your honesty
      I really appreciate it
      I know it's not easy
      But it's what a real friend does
      And I am grateful to you for that
      You are a star x

  4. Love the photos! Those look like some luxurious stables.

    Happy Easter, Ruby my dear <3


    1. They really were Bella
      Super posh!!

      Happy Easter to you too dear friend x

  5. that's a very pretty horse :D

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