Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter!

To all my fellow bloggers and readers
I wish you a very happy Easter
I am still away 
My Mum and I are staying here until tomorrow
My sister and her partner are minding Honey and Lea
I hate to leave them
But at least they don't have to go to the kennels 
My sister absolutely loves them 
So I know they will be well looked after
That doesn't stop me texting ten times a day to see how they are
After visiting the horses yesterday
We headed back in to town
And I went back to Topshop
Where I purchased the blue oversized shirt that I had tried on the day before 
Photos of that to follow...
We went back to the house then
Where we relaxed for a couple of hours 
Before heading out to dinner
The restaurant was called The Yellow Pepper
It was so busy 
And there was a real buzz about the place
We took our seats 
Ordered drinks 
And had a look at the menu 
There were a few things I liked the look of
The beef stroganoff 
Lentil and sweet potato curry
And pork belly 
In the end
I went for the stroganoff 
Mam had the veg casserole
And my uncle had the chicken
Mine was yummy 
I ordered a side of mash with it 
Mash is like my favourite food
And this one was creamy and smooth and extremely delicious 
Stroganoff is made with a paprika, brandy and cream sauce 
And as I made my way through it 
It began to make me feel sick
So I stopped there 
My uncle I shared an apple pie
Whic was also very good
And my uncle kindly treated us to dinner 
So that was nice 
He then went out to the pub
And my mother and I went home
I watched TV for a while 
Before heading to bed
I was asleep in seconds 

Today is Easter Sunday 
I'm not sure what we are doing today 
But I'm sure it will be something good
This part of the country is wildly beautiful
So many lovely beaches
And walks
It's nice to get away for a couple of days 
Although I am a home bird 
A change of scenery can be a tonic 
My uncle is great to stay with
Very laid back and relaxed 
I feel very comfortable here 

In other news 
I am trying my level best to ignore my weight 
To eat intuitively 
Eat when I'm hungry 
Stop when I'm full
No purging 
And no obsessive body checking 
As Mich and a few others pointed out
My dream of a house in the country surrounded by animals will never happen if I choose to maintain my ED
It's one or the other 
I can't have both 
And if I had to choose 
I would choose my dream life any day of the week 
It's down to me to put the wheels in motion
And start working towards those dreams 
I can just picture it
An old stone house 
With a half barn door 
Dogs running out to greet you
Maybe chickens and hens in the back 
A field with two donkeys 
Shelley and Jessie 
And of course 
Space for a couple of horses 
I would just be in heaven 
And the thing is
It's not a million miles away 
It's very possible
Very attainable 
As long as I stay well and healthy 
And I want to 
I really really want to 

What are you doing for Easter?


  1. MMMMMMmmmmmm pork belly. That is one of my favs. Even still feeling icky, that sounds good. (That's why you had no texts or photos today--sorry about that, I spent the majority of the day in the bathroom feeling horrible and barely ate anything. The ED may be mostly under control, but the aftereffects are permanent when it comes to eating certain things, i.e. bread fried in bacon grease.)

    It sounds like you had a nice Easter, I'm glad. That stroganoff sounds very heavy, I'd have been feeling ill as well, but some foods are really worth it. (Not bread fried in bacon grease tho. Never again. Probably.)

    I'd love a house in the country as well, with chickens and 2 horses and billion cats. We'll get there one day. <3

  2. I love your dream of the future! To be content in everything, how wonderful it sounds!


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