Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Apologies for the radio silence over the past few days
Life intervened
And I just didn't get a chance to write
Also I didn't really want to write
I wrote a post on Monday
And promptly deleted it
If you did read it 
You will know that my Mum was diagnosed with osteoporosis this week
In her spine and hips 
I deleted the post as I felt I needed to process the information before writing about it
This news has come as a bit of a shock
My Mum had a bone scan done a few weeks ago 
And on Monday she got the results
I went to speak to her
And she looked really shook
I asked what was wrong 
She said nothing 
But I knew there was something 
She told me that she had received some bad news
That she had just got off the phone from her doctor 
And she informed Mum that she has osteoporosis 
It was a real shock
And I could see from Mum that she had not expected it either 
We sat in silence for a while 
Neither of us sure what to say or do 
I asked about treatment 
And Mum had been told she could get an injection twice a year that would help manage it
Also diet and exercise 
The doctor recommended that Mum join a gym 
And practise weight bearing exercises 
So at least there are things she can do to help herself 
All is not lost

So yea 
I haven't much felt like writing the last few days
Don't worry though 
I'm not going anywhere 
Sometimes it's good to take a break
Take a step back and look at things from a distance 
I know I don't need to tell you how much much my Mum means to me
She is my life 
The one who never gave up on me
Only for her 
I have no doubt I wouldn't be here
But this is life 
We live 
We grow up 
Grow old 
Get ill
Time waits for no man
Or woman

I'm sorry that I left you hanging 
It's just a difficult it time at the moment 
I'm sure you understand 


  1. Mum was diagnosed with osteo a few years ago. It runs in our family, half of my older female relatives have it. The other half got angina. I forget what mum was taking for it, but she stopped about 2 years ago. Now she just makes sure to get a lot of calcium and vitamin D and tries to exercise regularly. I remember Granny had it, but she never had any effects besides the hump, and that wasn't until she was well into her 80's. Hopefully your mum doesn't have too many difficulties from it.

    1. The doctor said that slight framed women are more likely to get it
      And mam is
      So are a lot of the females in my family
      I had a bone scan a few years ago
      I guess I should have another one soon x

  2. So very sorry to hear about your mum's new diagnosis. Hopefully she can manage it with the right exercise, a rich calcium and vitamin D diet and medication. Thinking of you so much xxx

    1. Thanks Annie
      I appreciate it

      Hope you are doing ok? X

  3. i have to tell you something that i feel the need to tell you. with most things, all is not lost. a lot of the times, there's something to be done to prevent complications from arising. even the most terrible conditions, i.e. person with a heart attack, is manageable these days. at these ages, we are growing and able to adapt to even the most terrifying consequences.

    as long as she follows her doctor's recommendation, i hope that she will be able to manage her condition xxxx

    love you much, Ruby.

    take care. don't worry too much, alright? i hope you're still fighting, eating properly and working on not purging.

    also, of course we understand. take the amount of time that you need to process whatever it is you need to. take care of yourself the best you could. you are a special human being.

    i think it's times like this where you really have to be grateful for your body and what it is and what it does. it is a strong thing after all. able to withstand hurricanes. don't forget this.

    hopefully, i didn't offend you with anything. i'm so knackered that i can't make sense of anything i've written, so i just hope that you know i've written anything with best intentions and i do not mean to offend you if i have.

    -Sam Lupin

    1. No Sam
      Not at all
      I don't think you have it in you to offend anyone
      You are too lovely and kind
      And I appreciate your kind words
      I guess Mum will learn to live with it
      She just has to be careful

      I hope you aw doing ok Sam
      And not working too hard
      Remember to be kind to you
      And gentle

      Life you x

    2. Life you?????
      Of course I meant love you!! X

  4. bless you both you are such a loving family,sure you will continue to help one another, you are so lovely xx jo

    1. Thank you Jo
      And yes
      We will of course help each other every step of the way

      How are you and puppy doing? X

  5. Osteoporosis isn't the be all and end all babe I have osteopenia (the stage below) and I had that at the age of 19 I am eagerly awaiting the end of the year to have another scan and see if the results are better or worse I wasn't told about my condition for a year! And I wish I hadn't been told it looms over my head now but it hasn't stopped me one bit I'm just extra careful I get enough calcium now. Hope this helps. You can reduce the osteoporosis/penia with physiotherapy weight training and the right diet :) (as your doctor has rightly advised)

  6. Sending lots of very gentle hugs to your mum & clan. Love you xx


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