Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Before I get in to this post
I want to thank you all
For your comments, emails and texts 
For you well wishes 
And kind words of encouragement 
They mean more than you will ever know
Something that gives me a real boost
Is knowing that all of you beautiful ladies are behind me
And rooting for me
I really feel the love you send my way
And it is much appreciated 
I wanted to reply to the anonymous commenter 
Who implied that I don't have my priorities straight
That I should fit my activities around my job
And not the other way around 
To me 
My riding 
My meetings 
And my appointments are all as important to me as my job
My activities during the week are what keep me going 
Without them 
I know I would go down hill very quickly
So as you can imagine 
I am very keen and determined to keep them up 
For me 
My recovery is a combination of things 
And they are all of equal importance 
Of course in an ideal world 
I would work full time 
And do my bits at the weekend 
However it is mostly weekends that I am working 
And I prefer it that way 
I find weekends can be long and boring 
So I am excited to be busy doing things at that time 
I am down to work on Wednesday 
From 8am - 12pm
So I had to swap with another girl 
And now I am doing the 4pm - 8pm
So I can still go riding 
But this still poses a problem 
In that usually I am wrecked tired after riding 
And the last thing I am wanting to do is head in to put in a four hour shift at work 
I will try it for the first few weeks 
And see how I get on

I rang the other horse riding place today
And they can't facilitate my lessons during the week
So it looks like I will miss riding there for the next while 
Another thing that was suggested to me 
Was that when I go out for my lesson
That I stay for two lessons 
To make it more worth my while 
But I guess I have to accept that things will be a bit all overcrowd place for the next couple of months 
And there is sweet f#*k all I can do about that 
I trust that it will all work out for the best 

I'm off to make dinner for myself and the patient
See you on the next post....


  1. I hope that everything falls into place for you and that you can fit the horse riding in with your work. Both are equally important, I really believe that. You are thriving and I admire you! Can I email you...I kind of need someone to talk to XXX

    1. Aw thanks Annie
      And yes
      Of course you can email me
      Anytime partner x

  2. I am the anon
    I didn't mean it unkindly. But if you have a job and it leads to other work you will be infinitely better off!

    Because if you have money in your pocket and a future, you WILL be able to BUY av farm AND your own horse. You will have more money for riding and opportunities.

    Plus keeping busy will reduce your spare time and you will feel less like a addict/patient and you can go to meetings any time.

    Yes, your hobbies are important but you aren't getting any younger, this is a golden opportunity.

    I say this with no malice. I am only trying to remind you of your goals.

    1. I take your point anonymous
      I am doing the best I can
      And this is a huge deal for me
      I know work is important
      But so are me other activities
      We won't fall out over this
      Maybe just disagree x

  3. Especially at this point in your recovery, I think it's essential that you're able to continue with the meetings, the equine therapy, and the other bits n bobs you do. Going straight into full time work and dropping the things that truly help you could be catastrophic.


    1. I think so too Bella
      Everything I do
      All my activities each play an integral part to keep me well
      I would be lost without them x

  4. I think that as you get more experienced as a rider, you'll start to be less tired after lessons.

    1. I think so too EM

      And good to hear from you
      Hope all is well x

  5. Some people here who are ill do NOT want to see you doing better than they are and will try to hold you back.

    They will say it's because they care about your recovery that you should not work. But they are jealous as hell.

    You have more than most people here. Actual real potential. A great family. Charm. Style.Optimism. Wonderfully well-spoken.

    Don't let them. You're a talented woman who can and will be able to combine it.

    Part of your problems is that you are very bright and you are bored. Idle hand and all that.

    Much Love and blessings!

    1. This comment made my day!
      Thank you so much for your kind words
      You really gave me a little boost today
      Sometimes you just need to hear someone say that you are ok
      And today I really needed to hear that
      Thank you x

  6. Weekends are the same for's just better if I'm busy. I think you're very wise and in tune with what you need for both your recovery and your future. Stay in touch with your support people and be aware of how you're feeling/thinking. Whatever your focus, be it hobbies or working, I really think you've got this whole recovery thing down. :)

  7. i can't bear not working if i have a day off i wake up and dread it, then i am lucky enough to love it. bet you will too and will soon be wanting more hours jo xx

    1. Me too jo

    2. I hope so Jo
      I truly hope so
      I am going to give it my best
      And hopefully that's us enough.....x

  8. Hey Ruby, glad alls well with you. GL with it all

    1. Thanks Shelby
      And good to hear from you
      Hope you are doing ok x


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