Monday, 25 July 2016

Day off

It's Monday morning 
So that means a day off for me
Which is very much welcome
Given I worked four long shifts over the weekend 
Work was quite busy
With 60 guests staying 
All separate families 
Which makes it that bit more difficult than one big group
As they come for their meals in dribs and drabs
And it's harder to keep track of numbers 
So many kids too
Big families with lots of little ones 
Which meant the food was everywhere 
On the floors 
On the walls 
In cups 
On the chairs 
But mostly they were grand 
Even though we were busy yesterday 
I took the time to play hula hoop with the kids outside 
They also wanted to meet the chef 
As they thought the dinners were lovely 
Then later on they wanted to see them again
While I was cleaning the dining room
They all came in and wanted to help 
So I gave them little jobs to do to keep them busy 
Which was help for me too
I was wrecked when I got home each day 
But it's a lovely natural tiredness
That I feel I've really earned my rest
The dogs have had to adjust to my working 
My sister often brings them for a walk the days I can't 
But their routine is still very much the same 
So I'm not worried about them 
There were a lot of sad stories in work this week 
Families dealing with bereavement 
It's heart breaking 
And we do all we can to make their stay memorable 
It's hard to get time to spend chatting with the guests 
But we do our best 
That's all we can do

Monday morning again 
And doctor day for me 
We chatted about work 
And my meds reduction last week
Which went fine 
I was telling him about my Dad 
As I have an update on his health
You might remember a couple of months ago 
I went with my Dad to Dublin to see a consultant 
As over the last couple of years 
He has been losing the power in his hands and arms 
Tests were done 
And he was told that he had possible motor neuron disease
So last Thursday he travelled to Dublin again to see the top neurologist in the country 
And it was confirmed that he does have MND
We have all been very worried
As the prognosis with this condition is not great 
But in fact 
He received better news than he was expecting 
He was told he has had MND for three years 
But out of four stages 
He is in stage one 
Also it is slow progressing 
And he is on the 30% that has the mildest form
Even though the diagnosis is devastating 
We are in the best possible situation
So that's something to be grateful for 
Apparently it kills younger people quicker 
Dad is nearly 70 
So it won't progress as rapidly 
We will look after him 
He won't go through this alone 

In other news
My statistics have shot up in the last few days 
Getting over a thousand hits every day 
I am wondering why this is 
And if some of my posts have been shared on social media 
Don't get me wrong 
It's great to be reaching so many people 
But it does make me slightly paranoid knowing that so many people are reading 
So I've kind of been holding back and censoring my writing recently 
There are many things going on in my life that I don't feel comfortable sharing 
Just yet 
Including a love interest 
But it's early days 
So I will keep that to myself for now 
And also about the girl at work who seems to have taken an instant dislike to me
But that's a whole other post 
I was wondering if you know why my stats have sky rocketed
Because I sure don't 

I can't quite believe that it's almost August 
And I've been working for two months now 
I will have work in to September 
And my manager told me that if anything full time comes up 
She will keep me in mind 
And that is fantastic 
As working has been a huge turning point for me 
It's doing me the world of good
There was a little bit of a disagreement In work last week 
In that some of the staff weren't pulling their weight 
And our manager had a word with them 
Two in particular had a good talking to
And I think they kind of blamed each other 
I was then worried that I had not been doing my work to a high enough standard 
But my manager assured me that she had no concerns with me 
Which was a relief 
The two girls were working together yesterday 
And you could cut the tension with a knife 
But yes 
I am loving work 
The routine 
The structure 
Being busy 
Meeting people 
The money of course 
It's all good 
And it is amazing to be able to say that 

As regards my ED
It's going ok 
My weight is stable 
My mood is good 
On the days I work I absolutely make myself eat 
As my brain goes to mush if it is not fed and watered properly 
I just can't think straight 
And i go all peculiar 
But I know I need to eat and drink correctly too
Otherwise I just can't function
I was dying to weigh myself in the doctors this morning 
But I resisted 
No good can come of it 

That's all the news for the day 
Another working week over 
I feel such a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction 
As well as independence 
I have my own money 
And can with it what I wish
So that is me over and out for today 
Happy Monday 
And see you on the next post.....


  1. Were the views on all your entries or just your recent ones?

    1. Yes both Shelby
      Everything on my blog has gone up stats wise
      It's very strange
      I just don't know why
      Have you any ideas? X

    2. Not really. But i did have a friend whose blog was discussed on GOMI so i wondered if it could be something like that...

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your dad's diagnosis. All things considered, though, it sounds like he's had a really good run so far *knock on wood*

    Keep chugging along, Ruby dear <3

  3. I must confess...I've recommended your blog to a few people recently. :) For the purpose of giving them hope that recovery really does happen. You've been such an inspiration for me Ruby! For real.

  4. check your blog stats! under overview>stats>traffic sources you can find what pages linked to your blog or which key words were googled to find it, its is likely to be linking to some sort of spam/advertising site, had this myself


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