Monday, 29 August 2016


Oh my Gosh!
I can't tell you how lovely it feels to have A few days off
I've worked the last four days 
And for most of those days I've had the mother of all hangovers 
But I guess that's the price one pays for a good night out 
I still can't remember a lot about the night 
But I am assured that we had a great night 
With great craic
And good company
I know that I didn't do anything to disgrace myself 
Or embarrasse myself 
I  know I told the chef a little about my history 
But that's ok
I'm not ashamed 
I have nothing to hide 
I have to admit though 
I feel a little bit hurt by the revelations that the chef likes Sinead
I can't lie 
My heart is a little bit bruised 
And I feel slightly silly that I actually though that he might like me
How wrong was I?
Very wrong apparently 

It just seems like I am always passed over for the girl who is younger than me
Thinner than me 
And prettier than me
I never seem to get the guy
And I'm just wondering 
If it will ever happen for me
My mam has pointed out 
That I am only really starting to get out and about and meeting people very recently 
She assures me that there is someone out there for me 
I hope she is right 
Because people 
Where is he already?

Work yesterday was lovely 
We had a group of 36
And even though they were quite 
They were so lovely 
But my God I was kept on my toes 
Between one thing and another 
It was nice because I was there every day with them 
And got to know them 
Their names 
Their stories
And of course they quickly got to know my name 
All I could hear all day long was Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!!!
And Christ on a bike 
I've never seen people my whole life 
They got through bread like  it was going out of fashion!
Yesterday morning 
One of the ladies asked me if I could organise a cake for one of the other ladies who was turning 60
So I got on to the chef
And he made two cakes pretty quickly 
We also managed to find birthday candles 
After tea 
We lit the candies 
And I carried the cake up all the while singing Happy Birthday
The woman who turned 60
I think she is special needs 
But the smile on her face was just priceless
She was so surprised 
So overwhelmed 
She must have hugged me ten times 
And thanked me a hundred times
It really made my day
Then when I was leaving for the evening 
Some of the ladies came back to me
And gave me a tip 
Which was so lovely of them 
I know that people staying in our centre don't have a lot of money
Do a gesture like that 
Is really appreciated 
I have another three weeks of work before I finish up
Then I will be at a loose end 
So I am on the look out for something to do
Whether that's another job
A course 
Or volunteering 
Hopefully something will come up

That's me for another day folks 
I am now going to catch up on your blogs and some much needed sleep
See you on the flip side......


  1. I hope you are ok with this percieved rejection from the chef. I hope it doesn't spark off anything .... not good for you .....such as dieting.

    I think let the guy do the asking and fgs don't dwell on anyone too much. No guy is THAT great and you can't expect the the one time you take a shine to someone they'll love you back. Like it would be damn lucky if that happened.

    But honestly don't let "workplace romance" be a stumbling block to your progress. In actuality i think work/romance is a BAD idea.

    Last time when the plumber thing didn't work out it sparked off a bad time for you. Try hard to guard against this. X

  2. Ahhh sweetheart that sounds like a nice day! And rest assured that there is someone out there! Multiple someones :)
    Hope you had a good rest lovely <3



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