Sunday, 18 September 2016


Is the first Sunday I have had off since I started working four months ago
It's very strange
But very wonderful
I slept in until 9 45am
Which is very unusual for me 
As I am an early riser
And if I am getting up for work 
I get up before 7am
For as long as I can remember 
I have disliked Sunday's 
When I was a child 
It was the day before going back to school
And as I grew up 
It was the day before going back to work
Sunday was also usually the day when I had the fear 
A severe hangover 
Or a horrible come down from what ever substance I had been taking the night before 
I also find Sunday's a very lonely day 
I've always associated it with families and couples 
Doing family and coupely things 
So yes 
I was glad to be working this day for the whole summer
And today is my first Sunday off in a while 
I got up late 
Had breakfast 
And brought Lea for a walk 
Honey doesn't always come with us now 
And I don't make her go 
She comes when she feels like it 
And that is entirely her perogative 
My dogs are old now 
Nearly 12 years old 
But they have had a long and happy life 
And I am hoping that they will be around hit another few years 

This weekend 
An old friend of my sisters came to stay with us 
She was actually my sisters first girlfriend 
And they were together for a long time 
So this girl has known me since I was a kid 
Her and my sister broke up 
But she still remains a close family friend 
And we all love her to bits 
So we had a lovely weekend 
Drinking tea
And remembering the good ol' days 
The last time Geraldine saw me 
I was in hospital 
And not in a good place at all
So it's nice that she got to see me in a much better place 
She is so lovely 
And we had such a great laugh
Below are some photos we took this morning 
Happy Sunday
What ever you are doing...


  1. Lovely photos, hope you're having a great day xxxxx

  2. Ruby darling it's so lovely to see you happy <3 I'm glad to hear from you! And ahhh it's been a while since I've heard about Lea and Honey, hope they are doing fine ^.^


  3. I'm glad you're enjoying your Sundays now, I know what you mean about Sundays sometimes feeling very lonely.

    You look amazing!!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) I'm glad you're getting some time to just relax after such a busy few months.

    Love the pictures, too!



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