Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I saw my counsellor Breda again this morning 
I had to finish off filling out forms for the course I am applying for 
It's basically a work/training scheme 
20 hours a week
It's a tailor made course for each individual 
So I will be matched with an occupation that I am interested in
So for myself 
I mentioned horse riding
And writing 
I'm really hoping a stables will take me on and train me 
And the great thing is 
That it lasts for four years 
It sounds perfect for me 
So I am really hoping it works out
There are ten places available 
With only two places left 
So I just hope I'm not too late applying 
We will see I guess 
Because the thing is 
Only a week after finishing work 
I  already starting to get bored
And last week 
I misused my meds 
In an effort to fight the boredom 
So I know I need to get busy doing something 
Before I get in to a rut of abiding my Mrs and doing nothing 
It really is my dream to work in a stables 
I think about horse riding all day 
I dream about it at night 
I love for Wednesday's 
And my two lessons 
There are quite a few horse riding centres near me 
So I have a few options 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed they it will work out 

So I'm getting used to having less money again 
Now that  I am not working 
I have a lot less disposable income 
And it is an adjustment 
But I managed before 
So I will manage again 

I don't have a lot to say today 
I just wanted to check on and say hello 
Happy Tuesday....

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