Tuesday, 15 November 2016


I'm off school today
And was off yesterday too
Since I started my course four weeks ago
I've been experiencing severe bouts of diarrhoea in the mornings
At first I put it down to my change in routine 
And adjusting to my course 
But recently 
It's been getting worse 
I get like clockwork every morning 
But not for the rest of the day
On Sunday night 
I woke up and threw up a few times
So just to be sure 
I took yesterday off 
I got up this morning 
Planning to go in 
But I had too pretty bad bouts in quick succession 
So I made an executive decision
And decided to stay at home 
I did speak to my doctor last week
And he said to keep an eye on it
And notice when I am getting it
And when I don't 
Over the weekend 
I didn't have any diarrhoea at all
But come Monday morning 
It came back 
I'm starting to think that it might be nerves or anxiety 
I don't actually feel stressed 
But I guess it could be bubbling away under the surface 
Starting this course was a huge step 
And I think it's perfectly natural to feel nerves and anticipation
But I thought four weeks in I would feel a bit more settled 
Of course 
In saying that 
I am still adjusting 
And finding my feet 
But I definitely believe that emotional stresses can cause physical reactions 
I rang my doctor today 
And the receptionist told me that I couldn't be seen 
She said I could go in only if it was an emergency 
I told her I needed a cert for school
But she said that wasn't an emergency 
So I'll have to wait until Friday to get a sick cert 
It's nice to have a couple of days off 
But I would much rather be in school 
As I don't want to miss out 
Because I am struggling to keep up as it is 

Apart from that 
I am doing welll
I feel good 
I feel healthy and strong 
Not weak or delicate like I used to
I'm loving my course 
Two new girls started this week
But I haven't met them yet
Which is more anxiety meeting new people 
The girls on my course have been just lovely 
Texting me to check on me
And just being good friends 
I am going to go in to tomorrow regardless 
Because I know the longer I leave it 
The harder it will be to get back in to a routine 

Just a quick post today 
Thanks for reading 
And see you on the next post....


  1. I hope you can figure out what's causing it and get it under control. I was having similar issues some time ago. Took ages to figure out that my digestive system apparently woke up one day and decided it would no longer tolerate dairy. It was the tons of cream in my coffee that set me off every morning. Now I mix the non-dairy stuff in with a little cream (because I'd rather have slight discomfort and my cream than go without...) and the problem is mostly solved.

    Have you made any headway getting the purging under control? That could be a cause as well. Purging is a huge stressor on the body, which might have built up over time and eventually started the current problem. Our bodies can only take so much. My doc thinks the bulk of my other digestive issues are the result of long bouts of extreme restriction and I suspect he's right. :/

    Hope you get better soon. <3

  2. Aw feel better dear, I hope it blows over soon and that you are feeling better already. Take care of yourself love and good going on the course, I can't express how proud and happy for you I feel !!
    Love xx

  3. That's really weird. I hope it passes soon. Maybe due to dietary changes over the weekend, if you're eating differently at school opposed to when you're at home? If you're purging more over the weekend than during the week, that's gotta have some effect.

    And in response to your comment, mail is probably best to still go to my home address as I'm too not sure how long I'll be here. Mum's bringing in my mail most days (I got a parcel from Sammy earlier this week!).


  4. poor you! take care and get well soon, jo x

  5. are you any better sweetie? xx

  6. Ruby, I hope you are feeling better... I think is awesome that you started a course, that is so wonderful. I missed all this by leaving the blogging world for over 6 weeks... depression does that you ... I truly missed writing and the blogging world xox

  7. Hope you start feeling better!
    Hi everyone I'm starting my own blog about real life recovery if you want to check it out restorationlucy.wordpress.com


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