Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday - Positives of the week

It was a short week
Only four days as Monday was a bank holiday

I wrote two essays 

I met a friend from treatment on Tuesday for lunch

I managed to eat breakfast and lunch on a couple of occasions 

I rode a new horse called Jigsaw
Who was a total pet 
And really looked after me 

I made it through the week without crying or having a meltdown

I didn't ring in sick even though I felt fine 

I mounted both Blue and Jigsaw from the ground 

I fed the little pony down the road from me 

I didn't smoke even though I had a huge craving 

I budgeted my money well

I took my meds correctly 

I gave my Mam more money than usual for bills 

I started up conversation with a stranger 

I made it through week 3 of my course

What were the positives of your week?


  1. Hi lovely! It made me smile to see your highlights ^^ I'm so happy. My highlights have been going to a concert, getting tickets to see my favorite youtuber in December, going to Madrid and reading a new book. I'm so happy to hear you have had a nice week my dear
    Take care love.

  2. I played with my dogs.

    Ran the strand the beautiful spectacle that is north county dublin.

    Yoga in the mornings.

    I took the time to remind myself that happiness is a choice. That these invading negative thoughts ate just that, thoughts. They only have power if I give it to them, if I entertain them. If I allow them to exist and let them pass by then I am free of them. The only power they have is the power I give them... this was liberating.

    You didn't call in sick even though you were Ok?


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