Saturday, 5 November 2016

Write, delete, repeat

I just wrote 
And promptly deleted a post about stopping blogging
I said goodbye and everything 
But the truth is 
I don't want to stop writing 
Even if it's only once a week
I love it 
And I love you
So I'm not going anywhere
Not yet anyway
I guess I need to be more active on blogger in order to maintain the friendships I have made 
It's a balancing act 
My real life 
And my virtual one 
But I feel a duty to you 
And to all the ED sufferers out there 
To show that recovery is possible 
The thought of leaving blogger is too much 
Blogger was there when I needed it
So I will be there for blogger
And all the readers out there 
For better or for worse 
I am not going anywhere....


  1. I'm glad you've decided to stay :) Even if you only wrote once a month, it'd still be valuable. Like I said in my comment on your last post, you're one of those (sadly rare) success stories. I think most people leave blogger when their life's improved, and while that's a good thing and I hold no judgement, it's nice to see someone sticking around, spreading a ray of hope.


  2. It's a good thing that you have more going on in your life.

    So, while I like keeping track of what you're up to, there's no need for you to blog a certain amount.

    Just remember that it's easier to step away from your blog for a while than it is to delete it and start from scratch if you change your mind later.

  3. just write when you feel like it no one worries! everyone pleased that life has taken over, much love jo xx

  4. Don't stop! It would be lonely without you here :)


Thank you for leaving some love x