Friday, 23 June 2017

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse...!

Hello fellow bloggers
Fellow readers and writers 
Fellow survivors
My dear sisters
Life is pretty busy at the moment 
I work three days a week
And also go horse riding 2-3 times a week
As well as seeing Coco
It's tricky trying to fit everything in
But I do my best 
And I am loving what I'm doing so it's really not like work at all
The place where I work is called St. Vincent de Paul Holiday Centre
Which is a charity run centre that help people who ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford a holiday
It's like a hotel
Kind of
But it's more like a big house 
With a living room
Dining room
I have to say that I love it
If you have been reading recently 
You will know that I really struggled with anxiety in the lead up to starting 
To the point that I didn't think I would make it
Now of course I am wondering what I was worried about 
It's hard work
But not difficult 
Basically I wear many hats at work
Advice giver 
And generally just being there to assist anyone that needs it 
It's nicely busy 
So I'm kept going 
Which I like as the time flies by
It's a great feeling to be working 
To be busy 
To be earning money
To be out in the world 
Meeting people 
Helping our guests enjoy their holiday
Much better than sitting at home 
Thinking myself in to oblivion
So yes
I am very content and happy
Of course things are not perfect 
My Dads health is a concern
I'm still getting used to this body 
My meds can be tricky 
But I am doing my best to keep it all together 
To stay well
And to keep moving forward  
I see Coco as much as I can 
His owner is a very difficult person to deal with 
I mean this man loves to wind me up
One minute he's talking about finding Coco a new home 
The next he is talking about getting a pony for riding 
I would take Coco in a heart beat if I could 
I did inquire about renting a field near my house 
But no takers as of yet
As well as that 
I just don't feel I have enough experience to take on what in reality is a next to wild animal 
And I definitely don't have the funds to spare if he ever needs a vet or treatment of any kind
It would be irresponsible of me to take him on
I am however hoping that Cocos owner will find him a good home where I can visit him and still continue to work with him
As I am too involved now to walk away
I just couldn't leave him
He needs me 
And I am so fond of him
I just want what is best for him
That's all

Last Thursday 
I turned up to my riding lesson to find that it has been cancelled for some reason
So I was asked if I wanted to tag along on a two hour trek
I figured why not
I was with two young German girls called Emma and Lisa 
I was riding a beautiful girl called Molly
And Anke was out trek leader 
First we walked down to the beach 
Where we trotted, cantered and galloped 
It was my first time to canter on a beach
And it was utterly exhilarating!
I loved every second of it
We continued down the beach 
And across some fields 
Then we arrived in the next village and crossed the road onnto a track
One of the lanes was quite boggy 
And there was a puddle in the middle of the lane
My horse seemed flummoxed as to what to do
So she made a huge jump over it
I was thrown back 
Then forward
And came off Molly on my right side 
I was at the back of the ride
So no one noticed me falling until I called out
I quickly realised I wasn't hurt
And went to hold Molly
Anke dismounted and came down to me
We established that I was ok 
So I jumped back up on Molly
We took it easy the rest of the way back to the centre
Despite my fall 
I loved the trek
The next day my arms and legs were so sore 
But it was a very satisfying kind of sore
I couldn't wait to go on another trek
So I decided to ask my 16 year old nephew to come with me 
I booked an hours beach trek for us 
And we went yesterday 
We were in a group with two American girls who had never ridden before 
My nephew was on a huge horse called Gypsom
And I was on a beautiful girl called Anna
Another brilliant ride 
And my nephew seemed to really enjoy it
So I think I will bring him again soon
It's so lovely to have found something that I love to do
It makes life so much more enjoyable 
So whatever it is that makes you happy 
Be it pottery
Do it 
Do it as much as you can 
Free your mind 
Feed your soul
This is what life is all about 
Doing what you love 
And loving what you do
What is your passion?


  1. How lovely, horseback riding on the beach. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. I'm also happy to hear you are enjoying work. That sounds like a great job, like a job that makes you feel good, rather than most soul-draining jobs, lol. Do they have any permanent positions you could apply for? The situation with Coco is tricky. What about the place you ride horses, is there any way they could purchase him and use him for riding? Even if he is skittish now, I think that kind of training and socializing with people might be provided there. Take care.

  2. What a piece of work! Why get a second pony when you clearly can't take care of one?! Sigh. I really hope he ends up in a good home, whether it's with you or someone else

    Sounds like a wonderful couple of days :)

    Lots of love <3

  3. I love hearing about your riding and how much you love it. So glad you weren't hurt too badly on your fall! I miss riding soooo much!

    Sending Love


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