Wednesday, 28 June 2017

One down, two to go

I finished my first month of work yesterday
It feels good to have accomplished that 
I was on my own all day looking after 26 guests
That means making breakfast and serving it
Clearing up after 
Washing all dishes and the dining room
Setting for the next meal
And making sure all jobs are done
When I saw I was on my own yesterday 
I asked my manager if it was a mistake in the rota
She assured me that it wasn't 
And that I was more than capable
I can't lie
I felt pretty darn anxious about it
My manager asked me what part of it I was worried about 
So I told her 
Why porridge I hear you ask
Well as well as making teas and coffees and toast for eight tables 
I also had to make porridge 
This meant turning on the gas 
Making sure it's ok
Turning on the burner
Making the porridge 
And minding it as it cooks 
Then taking orders and trying to keep it warm
You see my problem?
My worries were unfounded 
I coped
I made porridge 
Nobody died 
Everyone was fed and watered 
As everyone filed out of the dining room
I began to clear the tables 
And bring all the dishes down to the kitchen to wash 
Which is a big job 
But I don't mind it at all
It's great to be busy 
I don't like having nothing to do
So all the washing done 
I clean up the kitchen 
Then head upstairs to clean and reset for the next course
All this work is often interrupted with guests asking all sorts of questions and requests
Whether they want to know about this or that 
Or they've locked themselves out of their room
It could be anything 
So then 
When everything is washed and bleached to within an inch of its life 
I can make a cup of tea 
Head down to the break room 
And take a few minutes to recharge and get ready for the next wave
I called them waves as that's exactly what it is like 
Everything is quiet and calm in the kitchen
And we are all standing around looking at each other
Then all the guests arrive and it's action stations 
After my break 
It's time to get ready for lunch 
It feels like I have just cleansed everything 
Then it starts all over again
But that's life I guess 
Lunch is the main event 
Four courses no less 
Main meal 
And tea or coffee
So our kitchen is down stairs 
To get the meals upstairs we have a dumb waiter 
No that is not a stupid person 
It is a mini lift for food
Which let me tell you saves a lot of tooing frooing
Everyone seated 
And soup is up
Bring on my own yesterday 
I worked in a clock wise direction around the room
Just to keep track 
Soup served 
I go around with a bread basket?
Bread for you?
White or brown?
In my best professional voice
I leave them to it while they eat
We have a camera in the dining room
So we can watch from the kitchen what's going on 
When I see them start to move 
I give the chef the signal to start playing the mains 
As he goes that 
I go up and start clearing bowls and getting as many as I can back down to the kitchen to put through the dish washer 
Mains are up 
And I serve them
There are 3-4 different chefs in the kitchen 
1-2 on at a time
And I soon realised that they all do things a little differently 
But what can you do 
Just get on with it
And roll with it
Mains served 
I go around with the gravy jug
I have to tell you 
People are very particular about their gravy
But then so am I
While serving mains 
I remember that one guy takes no potatoes 
And two of my golden oldies take one potato each 
I swear you think waitressing is easy 
Let me tell you categorically that it is tough 
You're going from the heat of the kitchen 
To the tranquility of the dining room
You do every thing with a smile and kind word 
Nothing is too much trouble 
And it's all done in jig time
I give them time to eat 
I get all the soup bowls washed 
Get the tea and coffee ready 
And send up the dessert 
Clear up all the dinner plates 
Serve dessert
And go around with the tea pot 
The highlight of my day yesterday was when a boy called Stephen with Down syndrome told me my shoes were nice!
After that 
I leave them to it 
To chat  and Have their tea
Every time I leave the dining room
I take a handful of plates to get going on the washing
Which let me tell you can be never ending 
The amount of cutlery I polished yesterday was massive 
But it's enjoyable work 
It's not difficult 
But it's hard work
And when you have nice co workers it makes all the difference 
My manager seems to have a great knack of picking the right people for the centre
I get all the washing done 
And again set the dining room for the next course 
Yesterday it was exactly 4pm when I finished 
And now I am off until Sunday 
Which is just heaven!
This morning I woke up 
And revelled in the fact that I didn't have to get up at 7am
Utter bliss!

I called over to see Coco this morning 
He was in great form
It looks like he might be going to a new home 
So I am hoping he finds a home in the area so I can still visit him
There are a couple of options 
So we will see if any work out
Coco and Lea are best buddies 
It is just adorable to watch them 
Coco follows Lea around the field 
He tries to groom her 
And even bite her
Very cute 
Today Coco let me pick out his feet 
Which was brilliant!
He's becoming very tame and domesticated 
So proud of the little guy
Both my dogs are 12 now
And their age is beginning to show 
Lea has a spinal condition called spondylosis
Which effects her walk and balance 
She also seems to be going deaf 
As you know 
Honey lost an eye a few years ago
And now it seems her remaining eye is becoming infected 
So it's back to the vet we go 
I am hoping and praying that it's something that can be treated 
I guess we'll know more soon 

I am well 
All is well
Well mostly 
But mostly is good enough 
Thanks for reading 
See you on the next post...

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  1. Awww, your dogs (and Coco) are so sweet. You have had them for so many good years - I know we can't be too unreasonable, but I hope you get to enjoy them for a few more. <3


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