Thursday, 6 July 2017

Honey, holidays and huge amounts of gratitude

Today is Thursday
And my working week is finished 
I work Sunday 12pm-8pm
Monday 8pm-4pm
And Tuesday 8-4pm
24 hours a week
Which is nice
I am really enjoying work 
I can feel my confidence boosting 
And my general well being is very good
It's a great feeling to know that I am working 
Earning money
Out and about in the world meeting new people
I especially love that I am helping people enjoy a much needed break away
I love that our centre makes a difference in people's lives
A lot of that is down to my manager 
She is an amazing person
Just 40 years old 
She has been running the holiday centre and the old people's home beside it for the last 12 years
She really sets the tone in the house
She is efficient yet friendly 
Firm but fair
Hard working but always has time to chat
She is a fantastic role model
And I admire her greatly 
She always takes the time to ask me how my Dad is
And also how I'm feeling with my low confidence and self esteem
It really is the perfect place to re introduce myself back in to the working world 
And of course it's brilliant to have a few extra pounds in my pocket
In September 
I am treating my Mam to a little holiday
I will go horse riding
And Mal will potter around and relax in the hotel
So that's something to look forward to
I can't wait!

In other news 
Honey is going back to the vet on Saturday 
About her remaining eye that looks cloudy and blood shot
She has already been to the vet here
But she sent me home with no answers and told to just wait and see
And charged me €40 for the privilege 
So we are going back to the vet who removed her eye three years ago
As he is the best of the best
Honey is ok
If a bit cranky
But we are just worried that she will lose the eye she has
I mean I don't know if a dog can live a comfortable life with no eyes
I guess I would have to keep her inside 
And she would need a lot of support
But I would be willing to do that if it meant she gets to stay around 
Lea is also having a check up too
Even though they are both old ladies now
I feel sure they have a few years left in them
They have literally been by my side for the past 12 years
I can't imaging life without them
They bring so much life to our house
I feel safer and calmer knowing they are there
They are fantastic company too
I just love them so much 
And dread the day that I don't bring them home

What else?
I'm still going to my doctor every week
This morning my usual doctor was away 
So I saw 'Nice Woman Doctor'
She is lovely 
Told me she had listened to my radio interview 
And had also read some of my blog
I felt a bit naked when she said this
As I forget that I was on local radio
Talking about something so personal
She was lovely though
And told me there was a huge change in me
There is I guess
Both physically and mentally and emotionally 
I have moved on from the sick, addicted lonely girl that I was 
And am living my life in a way I never have in my whole life
Even though I have been through so much in my time
I feel extremely blessed to have the life I have
I am well and healthy
I live with my Man who I love dearly
And we get on great
I have amazing brothers and sisters
Two dogs and a pony who I adore
I am in a good place
Have great friends
I am lucky to have a job I love
Hobbies that feed my soul
My life is far from perfect
And I am no poster girl for recovery
But I am now happy and content with what I have
I want for nothing
And I believe my family and friends would move heaven and earth to help me

The past couple of weeks
Cocos owner has been avoiding me
Not answering my calls or texts
So yesterday I decided to phone him from my Mams phone
And lo and behold he answered
I was pretty annoyed and I let him know so
He told me that he's very busy with work and couldnt be dusty
What alias of old shit


  1. Sorry I don't have much to say. I wanted to let you know that I have had a friend with a dog that was blind and deaf. He actually did pretty well for his age. As long as he was in a familiar place or with their other dog (who kinda guided him), he got around OK and rarely bumped into anything. So I hope honey doesn't need surgery,but I wanted to share my experience with a dog that couldn't see. I think it's like people, where they can adapt.

  2. i haven't written here for a long time but just know that i really wish the best for you, Ruby, you're a gem. you really are. you make me smile in ways i can't really explain. there's just something about you that makes me warm inside. you are worth so much.

    i hope that things go well with Honey all things considered. i do not know much about dogs, but i know that regardless of what happens, i know that you will take care of them and attempt to make them live as comfortably as they can despite any of their circumstances. and Coco's owner... doesn't sound like a bloke i want to be around.

    i'm so glad you are fitting nicely at work. i really am. it's wonderful to hear that. i also remember vaguely reading a post about you dreading going back because you've set yourself too many expectations, and i love that all of that was wrong because you really deserve better.

    you've really grown up as a character. you are such a strong woman. i'm so glad to be your friend.

    i love you, gorgeous.

    - Sam Lupin

  3. Poor Honey. I'm glad to know she'll be able to keep her eye. Silky had awful cataracts and couldn't see much at all in her last few years, not to mention being deaf, but she was able to cope well, all things considered. She was always sitting on our feet or leaning against us to get that connection to the world, but we didn't mind :) If they're in a familiar environment, I think most dogs and cats adapt fairly well when they lose their vision.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much of an asshole Coco's owner is. Ugh.

    Lots of love <3

  4. Ruby <3 I've missed reading you incredibly. I am so so proud of you, you are getting so far and making so many positive changes and focusing on things to make you happy. I love seeing that.
    just know i love you and that im as proud as I possibly can be.
    I'm sorry to hear about honey, but im sure she will be ok with the amount of care and love she recieves.
    take care my dear


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