Saturday, 13 February 2016


I'm going to do it 
I'm finally going to do it 
After over a year of avoiding it
And putting it off 
I'm going to go to a meeting this evening
My Mum is coming for support
I feel I need someone just to be there 
To talk me out of it if I decided to back out
No better woman than my mother for this 
I can't lie
I feel scared
Beyond anxious
And my nerves are shot
I'll go
But I don't think I'll speak
The goal is to just be there
To listen 
To soak up the recovery 
And the positivity 
To connect with others 
And do something good for myself 
I'll be leaving at 5 30pm
For the meeting at 6pm
Until then 
I am trying to stay busy 
And keep calm 
Wish me luck
I'm going to need it.....


  1. good luck hope its easier than you think jo xx

  2. You better get there!! Good plan to bring mother along. Good luck xx


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